Passionate about Nature, I am a Biologist developing my creative side! I create Botanical Ceramics inspired by the wild flora of the Spanish Mountains where I live.
I connect to nature through my art. My creative process makes me feel grounded & balanced. My purpose is to induce this sense of connection in the viewer bringing nature´s energy and beauty into their home.
I grew up in the countryside and living in harmony with nature is my passion. After years living in the city while studying nature from the laboratory I realized that for me, it is BEING in nature that allows me to perceive the interaction of the living forces and this is what makes me feel whole and belonging.


I was born in Denmark but grew up in the wild Mountains of South-East Spain. I am the oldest of five kids and during my first years, away from cities and with very little social interactions I found a deep comfort and connection with Nature.

 My parents transmitted to me the love for handcrafts and for our roots. My childhood was permeated with nordic stories and this nurtured mi passion for the mystical world. My days passed by looking for elves and fairies in the forest and making potions of herbs playing witch. 

The Danish customs and traditions has nourished my love for family, rituals and creativity. We did a lot of DIY with my mother and I had very early access to clay as my father built a ceramic workshop behind our house and me and my siblings often created small ceramic sculptures.

As a teenager I went to Denmark (2001) to study for one year and it was a life changing experience, here I developed strong social ties and my world view expanded. Back in Spain (2003), I met my life partner Sebastian in high school and has shared my growth as a person with him for the last eighteen years. 

I discovered that I was passionate about Biology quite late (2009) after starting different studies and working in diverse jobs that gave me a wide life experience! I took my University degree in Granada, Spain´s most beautiful city, surrounded by Arabic Castles and snow covered mountain peaks. After finishing my degree (2014) I took a gap year, traveling, diving and volunteering in different parts of the world.

Five years ago (2015) Sebastian and I started a permaculture project in a piece of land close to where I grew up, in the shade of a majestic Mountain. That year I got pregnant with our daughter and we began building our dream-house, a project that consisted in restoring a 150 years old stone house to convert it in a eco-friendly passive-house. I learned a lot those years!!

I remember falling in love with some ceramic tiles while I was pregnant with my son, 3 years ago now (2017). We were traveling in the UK and I met a woman that used plants to print on clay. Ever since that day the idea to mate plants and clay has been stocked in my soul, satisfying my botanical passion and my creative itchiness.

But it was not until the beginning go 2020 tat I could actually get the time and the freedom to unleash my creativity and experiment!

And after a lot of experiments and trials I have finally developed my own aesthetic and I am launching my first collection this autumn. For the first time in my adult life I feel that I found something that deeply resonates with me and where I can express myself authentically. My connection to nature and to myself during the process of creation brings me balance and a deep feeling of belonging to the universe.        



If you are like me, being in Nature is your medicine.

I love to observe how every element in an ecosystem lives in perfect harmony and in the observation of the grandiosity of the Universes, I can relax and get over my own thoughts.

I create because it is a way for me to connect with nature.

The observation, recollection and composition of the natural elements brings me calmness and a sense of belonging. The touch of the cold mud, its malleability, the smell of earth makes me feel grounded and more balanced.

The design and coloring of the pieces makes me stay fully present during the process. I pick the colors of every collection very carefully matching the state of mind that evoked the work with the feelings I want to express and transmit to the viewer.

I am fascinated about the perfection of the natural world. Taking part of it,  co-creating with nature is like a ritual for me, it reminds me where I belong to and gives me peace.

My intention is to bring natures sparkle into our living spaces, revitalizing them. My highest goal is to serve as a bond for you to reconnect with your natural origins.

My down-to-earth, beautiful and elegant pieces of art will help you create an embracing home where you will find peace and feel inspired.