• QUALITY. Every piece is unique, handmade with love and fully presence. My connection to nature and the thoughtful work I put in every piece of art creates a balanced composition of natural elements. Every  product is carefully revised to guarantee the maximum quality. The beauty of the irregularities of every item is celebrated and includes variations of glaze color, forms and textures.
  • CONNECTION. Every interaction we make is about human connection and I want the customer to feel heard and seen. This connection is what makes my business possible and I am committed to offer excepcional value and meet clients expectations.
  • MATERIALS.  I work inspired by the seasons and I use the plants offered by nature throughout the year. I only use local and natural materials, toxic and heavy metal free, totally safe for your home. My botanical knowledge helps me select, determine and define the properties of the plants I’m using.
  • SUSTAINABILITY. All the plastic that arrives to my studio is reused and recycled. All clay scarps are collected and recycled into new clay. I only use local plants that are not endangered and reuse them as much as possible.
  • COMMITMENT. I firmly believe that we need to reestablish a balanced relationship to the earth. I only use environmentally friendly packaging and compensate the emissions caused by the production and shipping by donating to compensate the CO2 and, planting one three for every purchase. I also give the customers the option to donate voluntarily to offset extra emissions at checkout.