My Why

If you are like me, being in Nature is your medicine.
I love to observe how every element in an ecosystem lives in perfect harmony and in the observation of the Universes grandiosity I can relax and get over my own thoughts.
I create because it is a way for me to connect with nature.
The observation, recollection and composition of the natural elements brings me calmness and a sense of belonging. The touch of the cold mud, its malleability, the smell of earth makes me feel grounded and more balanced.
The design and coloring of the pieces makes me stay fully present during the process. I pick the colors of every collection very carefully matching the state of mind that evoked the work with the feelings I want to express and transmit to the viewer.
I am fascinated about the perfection of the natural world. Taking part of it,  co-creating with nature is like a ritual for me, it reminds me where I belong to and gives me peace.
My intention is to bring natures sparkle into our living spaces, revitalizing them. My highest goal is to serve as a bond for you to reconnect with your natural origins.
My down-to-earth, beautiful and elegant pieces of art will help you create an embracing home where you can feel calm and inspired.